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Recent release new features:

View JSTOR Forum Release Notes for more information on current and past releases.

January 2018

  • You can now create a new project from the Forum cataloging environment.
  • We’ve added an overall progress bar to the upload window that displays the number of media in the batch and how many have been uploaded so far.
  • When editing an item, you can now right click on an image in the viewer to search for the image in Google, open it in a new browser tab, or download it.
  • We added a keyboard shortcuts guide that you can access by selecting your username in the top right or typing ?.

December 2018

  • Forum Admin has a new interface! The admin environment now has the same look and feel as the cataloging environment. Check out the release notes for more information about these changes.

September 2018

  • JSTOR Forum has a new interface! It includes all of the features you currently use plus new ones.

August 2018

  • New interface for Works & Names.

April 2018

  • New users appear in Forum Admin within 5 minutes.
  • Additional fields added to the Dublin Core template.
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