Used for managing data. Two concepts of fields apply. Project fields are fully customizable through the Administrative Tools based on field types, labels, and description text. Once established, the fields contain the data which describes your content and makes it searchable and retrievable to end users. Field access can be restricted to certain users as well as restricted in how the data may be entered by users.

  1. Project Field:  A field used within a project. Project fields can be established from an existing template, a previous project, or created freely. Project administrators can set up specific field types to allow for free-text entries, list values, numeric values, or link to authorized vocabularies. In the mapping process, a project field is mapped to a target field for published display. Any project field not mapped to a target field will not be represented in that published environment.
  2. Target Field:  A field that displays in the published environment. A target field may or may not be identical to a project field. In the mapping process, the target fields are populated with project fields.