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Useful Links

Forum: forum.jstor.org
Forum Admin: forum.jstor.org/admin
Artstor Admin: admin.artstor.org
Forum Support Site: support.forum.jstor.org

Training & Getting Access to Forum


Sign up for our training webinars on Forum, Forum Admin, and other features. If you cannot attend these webinars, please contact us to schedule a training.

Get Access

Learn about how to grant yourself and other users access to Forum and Forum Admin.

Getting Access to Forum

Cataloging in Forum

Watch our Cataloging Overview video.

Upload Media

Learn about uploading media files to your projects and learn about supported file types.

Catalog Items

Learn how to catalog items individually or in batch.

Find & Organize Items

Use sets to manually organize your items into groups. Search for your items and create saved filters to easily access them again.

Import & Export Data

Use Excel to import and export metadata from your projects to create new items or edit existing ones.

Project Setup in Forum Admin

Create Projects

Learn how to create a new or copy an existing project. When creating a new project, you can start by selecting one of our built in templates.

Configure Fields

After creating your project, learn how to add, edit, or delete fields.

Create Cataloging Screens

Cataloging screens are the interface you and your catalogers use to edit items. These screens can be configured to suit a project’s needs and cataloger’s workflows.

Publish Content

Watch our Publishing video.

Create a Publishing Target

Publish content from a single project to multiple end user environments including personal, institutional, and public collections in Artstor, Omeka, and OAI. Learn how to create these target collections and map your project’s fields so your end users can see your metadata.

Publish Content

Once you have a publishing target created, you are ready to share your content with your end users. Learn about how to publish items individually or in batch so your end users can start using your content.

Promote Forum and Engage with Other Users

Promote Forum

Download product cards, logos, and other materials to help you promote Forum and your collections.

Join the Forum Discussion List

Engage with other users and hear about Forum updates by joining the discussion list. To join, send an email to jf-discuss+subscribe@ithaka.groups.io. Message jf-discuss@ithaka.groups.io to start a discussion with other users.

Engage with Other Forum Users

Attend an upcoming Forum Conversations session to hear about what other users’ projects. Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to participate!

Watch the most recent Forum Conversations session.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions!

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