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April 2018

  • New users appear in Forum Admin within 5 minutes.
  • Additional fields added to the Dublin Core template.

February 2018

  • Deployed new branding within the Forum application environments, ForumSupport.jstor.org, and the login pages.

December 2017

  • New reports under the Statistics tab of the Administrative Tools including:
    • Institution Overview
    • Cataloger Activity
    • No Media
  • Download any report to Excel generated in the past seven days.

October 2017

  • Upgraded Kaltura version.
  • View multi-page PDFs in Shared Shelf

September 2017

  • Filter for items linked or not linked to an integrated or external authority
  • Propagation Monitor
  • Relate up to 1,000 images to a compound object

August 2017

  • New base filter – Custom base filter and records created by this user
  • Full cataloging screen is automatically added when creating a new project using template
  • Clear an individual media element
  • Suggested sources automatically connected to Linked field types for new projects
  • Compound object support for all projects

June 2017

  • More granular user permissions with custom base filters.
  • Enlarged Manage Mappings window.
  • Updated support for viewing QTVR files.
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