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Adding a term

You can add a main term to a Community List through the Work. If the list contains multiple fields, to add to any of the additional list fields, you will need to open the term in the Controlled List tab and add the additional information there.

To add a term to a Community List in the Work form:

  1. While cataloging in the Work form, click in the field that uses a list to access the search panel on the right. Perform a search for your list term.
  2. If the term is not found, click Add new term and enter the information. Complete the Work form, then click Save & Close.
  3. To fill in any remaining fields for the list term, click on the Controlled List tab, then select the list name. Double-click or right click and choose Edit on the value you just added to the list to open the Edit term tab.

Add additional information to the list fields, then Save or Save & Close.