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About Names
Understanding the Name Form
Navigating the Name Form
How the Name Form Field Types Function

About Names

Getty’s Union List of Artist Names+ (also called Shared Shelf Names) comprises all name records from your institution, the Getty ULAN®, and promoted name records from other Forum users. A name record is an authority describing an entity (person or corporate body) involved in the production of material culture. Using a name record establishes a standardized record of data about the entity, which can be applied to multiple items in your project. A name record may derive from the:

  • Getty ULAN® Getty ULAN icon.; or
  • another contributing institutionPromoted name record icon. ; or
  • be created by a cataloger at your institutionLocal name record icon..

Information contained in a name record may include:

  • Name variations
  • Birth/start and death/end dates
  • Roles
  • Nationality/cultures
  • Gender
  • Biography
  • Bibliography
  • Events
  • Relationships
  • Notes

For more information about the currently supported Getty vocabularies, please see About the Getty Vocabularies.

Understanding the Name Form

The name form contains the 31 fields used to describe a creator. These fields derive from the data standard used in the Getty Union List of Artist Names® (ULAN). A Preferred name and Source are required in order to save a new name record. Once the name is created and saved, all other users in this project and at your institution will have access to it. A Promoted Name is accessible by other institutions.

Navigating the Name Form

When creating a new Name you will find:

A. Field Group Label
B. Fields to Input Metadata
C. Overview, Search, and Help Panel
D. Save & Link, Promote, Save, and Save & Close Buttons
E. Change the Language of Name Form and Link to Support SiteNavigating the name form.

Each field group includes a field group label at the top. Preferred Name and Source are the only fields required to save a name. Fields considered incomplete are banded with yellow. Once these are populated, the record is no longer Provisional. Un-banded fields are standard field data. Fields with a link icon are linked to controlled lists or authority sources. The field you are currently editing will be highlighted in blue.

How the Name Form Field Types Function

For a complete list of the fields included in the name form, please see the Names: Field Descriptions.

Required Fields

One name (set as Preferred) and the Source for that name are the only fields required to save a new name record.

Text/Numeric Fields

Type text or numeric values into the field. Use the pipe symbol | to create line breaks in the published environment. When you use the delete/backspace keys to delete a value from the text/numeric text field, the change is saved when you click outside of the field. When you edit text in a text/numeric text field the value is saved when you click outside of the field.

Date Multifield

Enter a four-digit year value in the Birth/Start and Death/End fields. Lead with the minus sign to indicate a BCE date. For information on entering birth and death dates, consult CCO’s Personal and Corporate Name Authority.

Vocabulary and Controlled List Fields

Upon clicking in a name form field that’s  linked to a controlled list or vocabulary, values for that particular controlled list or vocabulary will be displayed in alphabetical order in the “Search” tab in the right panel. You may scroll through the values, or type in the search field to retrieve a value. To change or remove a linked term, click the link icon next to the linked term. You can then search for a new term to link to this field.

You may add new values to controlled lists and use them when cataloging with the name form. From a field linked to a vocabulary, start by performing a search in the Search tab in the right panel. If the desired term is not found, click “Add New Term.” You will be prompted to confirm the addition.