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JSTOR Forum subscribers publishing Institutional Collections to Artstor have the opportunity to share those collections with specified Artstor Digital Library subscribers. Sharing of collections may be useful for consortial groups and collaborating institutions. Recipients of shared collections must be subscribed to the Artstor Digital Library.

If you are interested in sharing your Institutional Collections with a selection of specific Artstor Digital Library subscribers, you may do so via the following procedure:

  1. Email with the subject title “Share Institutional Collection(s) with Recipient Institution(s)”.
  2. In the body of the email, please include the following:
    •  Institution:  Your Institution’s full legal name
    • Selected Content:  Please list the title of each Institutional Collection you intend to share with another institution
    • Recipient Institution(s):  Please list the name of the Institution(s) currently subscribing to Artstor Digital Library with whom you would like to share the Institutional Collections identified above, and contact information for each Recipient Institution (including contact name, address, telephone number and email).
    • Cut and paste the following text:

I authorize, on behalf of my Institution, Artstor to make the Selected Content identified above available through the JSTOR Forum software to the Recipient Institution(s) identified above, which are current Artstor Digital Library subscribers. I understand that Artstor does not select, obtain, or screen the Selected Content and that, as between Artstor and my Institution, the Institution is solely responsible for selecting, obtaining, and screening such content and for determining that such content can be legally shared with the Recipient Institution and the Recipient Institution’s Authorized Users.  Institution is responsible for any uses of the Selected Content made by the Recipient Institution and the Recipient Institution’s Authorized Users.  I represent and warrant that I have authority on behalf of my institution to grant to Artstor the above permissions.