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Just as you can manage and organize items in a set, you can save and manage works in a set on the Search Works page. Sets are manually created to collect a group of records for a purpose, such as records needing review, records awaiting data, and so on.

To save works to a set:

  1. Open the Search Works page by performing a search from the Options menu of the item panel, or click Add Work Record from an item record.
  2. Select the works you would like to add to a set by holding shift or control (command for Macs) on your keyboard and click.
  3. Right-click your mouse and select Add to new set or Add to existing set..
  4. In the confirmation window, enter the Set Name and Description and assign an accessibility option in order to save.
  5. The saved set is accessible in the Sets panel next to the List View panel.  This is where you can open, edit, or delete existing sets. You can also create a new set from the Sets panel as well.Save works to a set.