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April 2019

  • The list selection window will remain open so you can search for and select multiple terms from a list. This is the same behavior you see when using the Getty vocabularies.
  • To build upon dragging and dropping media files to upload, you can now add multiple batches of images to the upload queue.

March 2019

  • We added a tile view for the item panel that allows you to see your media as a small, medium, or large tile
  • You can change your password within Forum by selecting your username in the top right corner then selecting Change Password. Learn more about this in Access Forum.
  • You can now copy values from the item panel and paste them into a field in the edit tab or elsewhere.
  • We brought back the ability to drag and drop media to upload. Drop the media into the item panel to start an upload.
  • You can now add a collection image when you create new institutional or public collection targets. This 240 by 240 pixel JPG or PNG image displays next to the description. Some examples of the collection image include an institution’s logo or an image from the collection that represents the content. Manage Publishing Targets includes information on how to create and edit publishing targets. Previously, you had to first create a target and then edit it to add a collection image. We hope this makes creating new Artstor collections easier by simplifying the steps.

February 2019

New Features

  • We began using the HTTPS secure protocol for JSTOR Forum. This will not impact your Forum workflows, but after this change, Forum will meet the standard browser security requirement that is important to many of you and us.
  • You can order your columns from the columns configuration window. Previously, you could only order your columns by dragging and dropping them from the item panel, but this allows you an additional keyboard accessible way to organize your project’s view. The columns configuration window is also where you can hide columns from view or restore the default view.
  • We brought back the ability to drag and drop items into sets. You used to be able to do this in the old Forum interface and now it is back in the new Forum. If you don’t have any sets created, you can also drag and drop items into the set area to create a new one.
  • Your Master Record will remain selected until you clear it. Previously, the master record would be cleared when logged out of Forum.
  • The Search Image in Google option is now available for compound objects. Whatever image is displaying in the media viewer window can be searched in Google now to find additional information about it. Google Image Search includes more about the Search Image in Google feature.
  • You can now order your cataloging forms in Forum Admin. If you need to order your cataloging forms at any point so they display in a certain sequence, you can drag and drop or enter a sequence number in Forum Admin. Manage Cataloging Forms provides information about ordering cataloging forms.
  • When adding a new field to a project, you can also add it to your cataloging forms at the same time. Before you needed to create the field and then add the field to cataloging forms in a separate step. We hope this makes adding new fields more efficient and easier. Learn more about adding new fields to your project in Manage Project Fields.
  • You can delete all items in a project easily by selecting the Actions menu and then Delete All. This option is distinct from deleting select items and displays the total items in your project that will be deleted. As a precaution, you will be asked to confirm this action before the content is deleted from your project. Suppress and Delete Records includes more information about deleting items.
  • So you can see your custom fields more easily in the item panel, we moved system-generated fields (such as Updated By and Published By) after your custom fields. Based on usage and feedback, we saw that it was important to keep SSID, Filename, Created By, and Created On in the beginning, but all other system-generated fields will display after your custom fields in the item panel. If you already changed the item panel view by reordering or hiding columns, this change will not impact your settings. This new column order only impacts users with the default column view in the item panel.

January 2019

New Features

  • You can now create a new project from the Forum cataloging environment. If you have access to Forum Admin, you will now see a new option in the Forum cataloging environment above the project panel that allows you to create a new project. After selecting this option, Forum Admin will open in a new browser tab and you will see the window to create a new project. Create, Copy, Rename, and Delete Projects includes more information about creating a new project. If there are other Forum Admin actions you would like to access in the cataloging environment, please reach out to
  • We’ve added an overall progress bar to the upload window that displays the number of media in the batch and how many have been uploaded so far. We used to have this in the original Forum interface and brought it back.
  • When editing an item, you can now right click on an image in the viewer to search for the image in Google, open it in a new browser tab, or download it.
  • We added a keyboard shortcuts guide that you can access by selecting your username in the top right or typing ?. This guide includes several keyboard shortcuts that could accelerate your workflows in Forum so check it out and please reach out to if you have ideas for additional keyboard shortcuts.

December 2018

A new interface for Forum Admin! Just like the cataloging environment, Forum Admin has been updated to have the same look and feel. We also added in a few new features to make creating and managing projects easier.

Easily find and carry out the tasks

  • Project names are automatically sorted alphabetically, making them easier to scan and find the project that needs to be worked on.
  • Areas of the Forum Admin have been labeled with more meaningful terminology so you can more easily recognize where to go, e.g. “User Permissions” instead of “Permissions” and “Cataloging Forms” instead of “Cataloging Screens”.
  • We reordered the tabs in a logical sequence that moves through the steps needed for completing a project set up.
  • Admins can seamlessly get to cataloging tools from admin making it easier to move between the sites instead of relying on bookmarks or support site searching.

Efficiently customize Forum for your specific project needs and workflows

We wanted to simplify the process of creating new projects, adding project fields, cataloging forms, targets, and users.

  • Projects
    • All new projects are automatically enabled for compound objects.
  • Fields
    • Integrated vocabularies are highlighted giving the you easier access to link to the vocabularies that are most commonly used.
    • Additional lists and vocabs are organized and searchable making it faster for you to find lists and vocabularies and connect them to your project field.
    • You can create a new list when creating a new field which makes the process for setting up list fields more streamlined.
  • Cataloging Forms
    • You can automatically see a preview of the cataloging form you created and it’s updated as you continue making edits. This streamlines the process because you no longer have to navigate back and forth between the admin and cataloger environment to see changes applied.
    • Fields in a form can be re-sequenced by both drag/drop and changing the sequence order, making the cataloging form customization keyboard accessible.
  • Targets
    • Mapping project fields to the target collection fields is simplified! No more dragging/dropping fields one by one. This will greatly simplify the process of getting your data to display the way you want in the end user environment.
    • After creating a new target, you are prompted to map your project fields as a next step.
    • When mapping fields, to prevent lost work, you are prompted to save if you make changes and navigate away. This prevents lost work and frustration.
    • Target collection download options are more clearly labeled so they’re meaningful, making it easier for an admin to select the options you need.
  • Permissions
    • Admins can batch delete users. This makes it easier to remove several users from a project at the same time.
    • List permissions no longer have roles, adding a user to a list gives them edit permission.

Previous Releases

For release notes of previous versions, please see the Release Notes Archive.