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Forum provides preservation support for your source files following the National Digital Stewardship Alliance’s suggested guidelines. Forum currently provides eight of the nine “Level 1” digital preservation requirements to protect your data, and will soon provide full first-level compliance. Additional levels of preservation will be offered in the future.

Level One
Storage and Geographic Location
  • Two complete copies that are not collocated
  • For data coming in on heterogeneous media (optical disks, hard drives, floppies) get the digital content off the medium and into your storage system
File Fixity and Data Integrity
  • Check fixity on ingest if it has been provided with the content (upcoming)
  • Create fixity info if it wasn’t provided
Information Security
  • Identify who has read, write, move, and delete authorization to individual files
  • Restrict who has those authorizations to individual files
  • Inventory of content and its storage location
  • Ensure backup and non-collocation of inventory
File Formats
  • Encourage use of limited set of known and open file formats and codecs