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About OAI Targets
Manage OAI Field Mapping

If your institution utilizes a web scale discovery or federated search system, we encourage you to expose your content using an OAI publishing target.

About OAI Targets

The OAI publishing target exposes your content on our OAI server, which the discovery vendor may query for harvesting. As the project administrator, you select the items that are ready to expose by publishing. Once published, any future updates to the item in Forum (data or image) are automatically pushed to the OAI server with a ‘last update date’, allowing the vendor to come to the server on a regular basis to pick up any new or changed items. The data output of these records are in XML, in which you may choose to map the fields to Dublin Core, or leave the fields unmapped and thereby use the SSIO (System-Supplied Input/Output) schema. Mapping to a standard like Dublin Core is typically recommended for working with discovery vendors because it will simplify the harvesting and transformation process.

Establishing an OAI publishing target requires IP address authentication and support assistance. For discovery vendors harvesting content from multiple institutions, the harvester will see all projects from all institutions in the same list when running the query request. Each project returned in the query request will be indicated by Project ID and Project Name. Forum Support will provide the list of project IDs and project names that belong to each institution authenticated by that vendor’s IP address, so the vendor may write the harvester accordingly.

To add an OAI publishing target:

  1. In Forum Admin, select your project and then the Targets tab.
  2. Select Add and the OAI.
  3. You will see a message that reads “Please contact in order to set up publishing your content from Forum to an OAI server.” Clicking on the email address will create an email with the below information:
    • Project name (automatically generated for you)
    • Project ID (automatically generated for you)
    • Discovery Vendor (or institution that will be harvesting the OAI data)
    • Discovery vendor’s IP (or IP address of the institution harvesting the data)
  4. After providing all of the above information, send the email to and a Forum support member will follow up with you.

*Project ID can be found in the URL when viewing the project in Forum.Find the project ID.

Manage OAI Field Mapping

Unlike other publishing targets, fields from your project do not need to be mapped in order to display in an OAI harvest. The harvester pulls the data in XML format to be displayed in the discovery service as decided between you and the vendor. By mapping your fields, you establish the preferred XML data output. If you choose to map your fields, the OAI publishing target uses the Dublin Core schema. When mapping fields to the Dublin Core schema, use of prefixes, displayable, searchable, and required fields is not supported. For more information, check out Map Fields to Targets.