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Create an Omeka API Target
Map Project Fields
Omeka Element Sets & Item Types

Create an Omeka API Target

You can publish from Forum to your Omeka collections using the Omeka API target option and select element sets and item types that suit your content.

*Currently, the Omeka API will only publish to collections, but we are investigating how to support sites as well.

Suggested Configuration

These are changes we suggest you make to your installation, but because Omeka configurations can vary depending on your institution’s needs, we cannot assist with troubleshooting local settings.

  • Disable the file upload validation:
    1. Log into admin and select Settings then Security.
    2. Check the box to Disable File Upload Validation and then Save Changes.

Disable File Upload Validation

  • Increase the media size on your Omeka server:
    1. The default media size is 16MB in a php.ini file. You will need to increase this number to be bigger than the size of the largest files in your project(s). Please consider your server’s capacity when deciding the maximum size. In this example, we use increasing the media size to 128MB, but this will vary depending on your project’s content.
    2. Locate your php.ini file located at /etc/php5/apache2.
    3. Update the file and set:
      • memory_limit = 128M (maximum amount of memory a script may consume)
      • upload_max_filesize = 128M (maximum allowed size for uploaded files)
      • post_max_size = 128M (maximum size of POST data that PHP will accept)
    4. Restart your Apache php server /etc/init.d/apache2 restart.

To create an Omeka API target in Forum Admin:

  1. Log into admin and select Settings then API.
  2. Check the box to Enable API and Save Changes.
    Enable API in Omeka Admin
  3. Select Users then select Edit under one of your user accounts. Even though Omeka settings require admins enable an API key through the user, there are no constraints on Forum users’ abilities to catalog and publish to an Omeka target from Forum.
  4. Select API Keys and then enter a new key label to identify the API key (for example Forum key). Select Update API Keys. You should see your new API key label next to an automatically generated key.
  5. Publishing from Forum to Omeka relies on having collections to publish content. If you don’t already have a collection setup in Omeka, select Collections then Add a Collection. We recommend inputting at least a title for your collection, but this is not required for publishing. Select Add Collection.
  6. Log into Forum Admin.
  7. Select the project from where you want to publish and then select Targets.
  8. Select Add then Omeka API. Input the URL and API key then select Next.
    Input Omeka URL and API Key
  9. Using the dropdown, select the Omeka collection to publish to and then Next.
  10. Check the Element Sets you want enabled for this target then select Next. At least one Element Set needs to be selected in order to proceed. Optionally, you can select Item Types. Select Finish. Your new Omeka API target should be displaying in the list of targets for this project. Proceed to the next section to map your project fields to your new Omeka collection fields.
    • You can edit the API key, element sets, and item types enabled for this target anytime by selecting the target then selecting Edit.

Map Project Fields to Omeka Collection

In order for your metadata to display in Omeka, you need to map your project fields to your Omeka collection fields.

To map your project fields to your Omeka collection:

  1. Select your Omeka API target in Forum Admin then Map Project Fields.
  2. For each project field you want to display in Omeka, select the dropdown menu and then the field you want to map to your Omeka collection field. For example, you can map your Forum Title field to the Title field in your Omeka collection’s Element Set. You can optionally set prefixes and make fields required before publishing.
  3. Save your changes. Your content can now be published or republished to your Omeka collection. If you make additional changes to the mappings, please republish any records you previously published.

Map project fields to Omeka collection

Omeka Element Sets & Item Types

Element Sets

Element Sets are metadata schemas you can enable within Omeka and then map to your Forum project fields. Omeka supports any metadata schema that has been enabled as a plugin by members of the Omeka user community. The default is Dublin Core, but Omeka admins may enable other Elements Sets such as VRA Core, PB Core, Social Media, and more. Check out the support pages for ( to learn more about how to enable and use Element Sets.

Item Types

Enabling at least one Element Set is required for setting up publishing to an Omeka collection, Item Types are optional and can be used as supplemental fields for mapping specific data. Item Types may include Moving Images, which incorporates descriptive fields for video content, and Still Images. Omeka has a set of pre-built Item Types, as well as those created by members of the Omeka user community, which you can contribute to in creating local Item Types. Check out the support pages for ( and to learn more about how to enable, use, and create Item Types.

You can edit the Element Sets and Item Types enabled in your Omeka API publishing target anytime by selecting the target in Forum Admin then Edit.