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Asset Panel

Asset Panel

Up / Down arrow keys: Move through records list in the asset panel.


CONTROL + S (Mac: COMMAND + S): Save changes to records in the edit tab.

CONTROL + E (Mac: COMMAND + E): Paste all field values saved from the Master Record to other records.

CONTROL + D (Mac: COMMAND + D): Paste one field value at a time saved from the Master Record.

CONTROL + click (Mac: COMMAND + click): Zoom out in the image preview of the edit tab.


SHIFT + ? : Display help overlay.

CONTROL + S (Mac: COMMAND + S): Save form.

SHIFT + BACKSPACE (Mac: SHIFT + DELETE): Clear a field of text, unlink terms, or reset display fields to auto-generated text.

CONTROL + X (Mac: COMMAND + X): Copy all values in the “Record” and “Local Info” sub-tabs.

CONTROL + E (Mac: COMMAND + E): Paste all copied values to the “Record” and “Local Info” sub-tabs.

SHIFT + CONTROL + M (Mac: SHIFT + COMMAND + M): Collapse all expanded multifields.

ALT + W: Close all active tabs.