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For image content, you can use the search Google for that image to find more information. Other uses may include finding a different view of the place or object, or obtaining a better resolution of the image. Google’s image search will return like-images based on the uploaded image in your item record. This function works for image file types only (.png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .tif, .tiff, .jp2, .cr2) and will appear grayed out for all other file types.

To use the Google Image Search:

  1. From the Edit tab, select the Options menu and then select Search Image in Google. You can also right click on the image in the media viewer to select Search Image in Google.
  2. A new browser tab will open to a Google Image Search Results page, displaying the “best guess” results of the search based on the image from the item record.

Known behavior: You may notice that when the search is run in Google it displays “JPG” in the search box preceding your image file name. This is because Google Image Search has restrictions on the size of the file it will allow for the search (20MB). To work around this, the system will always submit a derivative JPG of your original file for the Google image search.