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Navigate the Project Tab
Adjust Column Views
Grid & Tile View
Search or Sort Items
Navigate the Edit Tab

Navigate the Project Tab

The home screen in the Cataloging Tools is the Project Tab. Here you will find:

  • Project Panel: a list of all the projects that your account has access.
  • Item Panel: Spreadsheet-like display of all the records in the project, with column headers showing field names and data.
  • Sets and Saved Filters: lists of all the Sets and Saved Filters that your account has access.
  • Search box: search option for finding records in the catalog.
  • Options Menu: create records, Excel options, batch download media, create names, search or create works.
  • Action Menu: edit, publish, add to sets, suppress, or delete items.
  • Upload: batch upload media files
  • Page Settings & Navigation: total items per page you are viewing and the current page you are viewing.Orientation of the main view of Forum.

Adjust Column Views

If you work with some fields more than others, adjusting the viewable columns in your item panel is a good way to minimize scrolling to the right to view the columns you need. Once you’ve made changes to the viewable columns for a project, each time you login with your individual account, your view will remain unchanged.

Select and order viewable columns:

  1. Click the Columns button at the top right to see the list of available column headers (fields).
  2. Check or uncheck the boxes to select which columns will display in your workspace. You can also Select All, Select None, or Restore Default.
  3. Drag and drop columns to display them in an order of your choosing. You can also input an order number. Select Done after making your changes.
  4. From the item panel, you can also drag and drop columns to change their order. To resize a column’s width, click and drag the edge of a column to your preferred width. You can also double click on the edge of a column header to automatically fit to the field’s values.

Grid & Tile View

You can switch between a grid view and tile view in the Forum item panel. The grid view includes a thumbnail and your project fields as columns. The tile view allows you to see just your media as small, medium, or large tiles.

Switch between grid and tile view

Search or Sort Items

From the item panel, you can search across all fields to find specific items using the search box. You can save search results to a set or filter.

To search any field:

  1. Enter your keyword(s) in the search box above the item panel.The search box accepts a wildcard using an asterisk* or Boolean text (AND, OR, NOT). Wildcard searching is not case-sensitive.
  2. Relevant results will automatically display in the item panel below as you enter search terms.
  3. Click the X at the end of the search box to clear search results.

To search within a specific field:

  1. Many fields have the option to search within the field. Hover over your project field header and then click the Filter icon.
  2. Enter your search term in the free text search box for this field. Wildcard searches using an asterisk*are acceptable.
  3. Relevant results will automatically display in the item panel. You can save these filtered results as a Saved Filter.
  4. Select Clear or selectively delete filtered parameters above the item panel.Search within a field to apply a filter.

To sort items:From the item panel, sort relevant fields in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header.

Navigate the Edit Tab

After you have selected and opened an item, you will be viewing the Edit Tab. The Edit Tab contains all the information related to the cataloging and managing of an item. Here you will find:

  • Basic Info tab: view of cataloging screens and project fields.
  • Publishing Info tab: view the publishing status, date, and user who published item.
  • Cataloging Screens: select the cataloging screen to change between views setup by a Forum administrator. The cataloging screen displays the metadata fields. From the Administrative Tools, users can design cataloging screens for customized views of the fields. Screens can be assigned to users so they are limited to a custom view of selected fields in a project.
  • Project fields: where metadata values will be added.
  • Navigation arrows: navigate between items
  • Publish button: Publish your item to your configured targets.
  • Options menu: master record options, search for an image in Google, upload more media to a compound object, suppress from a publishing target, or delete and item.
  • Save or Save & Close: save your progress and keep working in the edit tab or save and close the edit tab.
  • Image viewer pane: Zoom in and out of an image or double click the image to view in a new browser tab.
  • Share button: View and copy a shareable URL of the media item.
  • Media options: replace, clear, download the media item. Audio and video media will also include options to manage captions and thumbnails.
  • Item information: displays system generated information including SSID, creation, modification,publishing status, media type, and dimensions.Navigation of the edit tab.