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Forum Conversations is our new webinar series spotlighting users whose projects exhibit best practice, involve an innovative application of the software, and deliver inspiring content.
In the sessions, we sit down with project managers and key staff to discuss all aspects of their Forum projects, such as:
  • The collections themselves
  • Project design & configuration
  • The story of how projects got started
  • Lessons learned
  • Impact of making the content available
  • Advice for others undertaking similar projects
  • Plans for the future
Our hope is that spotlighting users and their projects will spark conversations and inspire new projects! The webinars will be live sessions with an open Q&A portion at the end, so bring your questions! Recordings will be available after the sessions when possible.


Opening up the world of zines with OCAD U – View the Recording!

Since 2007, OCAD U’s Zine Collection has helped open up the world of self-published magazines and comics to new readers and creators, attracting visitors and collection contributions from students, faculty, and the general public. It has also occasioned extensive outreach and community-building, inspiring faculty and student engagement through class outings and assignments, as well as a student group dedicated to collaborative zine creation, the OCAD U Zine Collective.  The collection’s success has led to visits from other libraries eager to learn how to build collections of their own.

In 2017, to extend the collection’s influence and stay true to zine culture’s commitment to open and shared creative endeavor, the collection catalog was made publicly available using JSTOR Forum. Today we’ll be meeting with Marta Chudolinska, the librarian who manages the collection, to learn more about the development of the project, look at some highlights, and to talk about the ways in which Forum has contributed to the knowledge and growth of this idiosyncratic and independent form.

Learn more about the collection & the OCAD U Learning Zone:


Conversation with Amy McKenna, Visual Resources Curator in the Williams College Art Department View the recording!

In this session, Amy discusses her experience managing coursework in Forum, using image groups to incorporate Forum-based content into teaching, partnering with faculty, and training students to build Omeka exhibits.

Browse Public Collections from Williams College:

Make it public–how a shared special collection can change history View the recording!

In 2016, Tuskegee University Archives made their collection of recordings from the Civil Rights era publicly available using JSTOR Forum, opening up the possibility of important new insights to historians worldwide. Many of the recordings, which were previously confined to the physical archive, are of speeches by Civil Rights leaders given directly to their constituents. Uninhibited by the conventions required by appearances in the ‘white’ media of the time, these speeches provide an unvarnished opportunity to learn more about how the movement functioned internally and at its grassroots. Join us for a conversation with the project’s lead, assistant professor and university archivist Dana Chandler. In addition to listening to excerpts from some of the speeches and learning about the stories behind them, we’ll be finding out about the ways in which JSTOR Forum was used to support the project and how making it public has influenced research.