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Enable Works for a Project
View and Edit the Work to Item Map
Download the Work to Item Map to Excel

This article details the steps to enable Works for an existing project. If you need to create a new project, please follow the instructions in Create, Copy, Rename, and Delete Projects before proceeding with these instructions.

Enable Works for a Project

To enable works for a project:

  1. Log into the Forum Admin and select the project for which you want to enable works.
  2. Under the Fields tab, switch Enable word record to Yes. You will see a new column under the fields tab called Map to work record.
  3. Switch specific fields under the Map to work record column to Yes if you want to map them to the work. There are no required fields that must be checked.
  4. Create a new field and use the Linked Work Field field type. This is the field that will allow you to search and create new works in the item record.  It is important to leave this field unmapped under the Work Mapping column.
  5. Add the new Linked Work Field to any cataloging form.

Enable work records

View and Edit the Work to Item Map

Now that works is enabled for your project, you can now set up the work to item map. This map controls how metadata captured in the work record will populate the mapped item record fields. The map can support many different configurations so please reach out to should you have questions.

To view and edit the work to item map:

  1. Under the Fields tab, select View/Edit work record map.
  2. You will be prompted to create a new map if there is not one already created for this project. Input a name of your choosing for your new map and we recommend checking the box to use the default map. This automatically maps any fields that correlate to our standard work to item map. Select Create. After the work to item map loads, you can see on the left the work record fields that can be mapped and on the right your item record fields. Work record fields that are currently mapped are highlighted in green.
  3. Above the item record field on the right, you can change the Global Delimiter to one of your choosing. If multiple work record fields are mapped to the same item record field, this character will delimit the values from the multiple fields. The default global delimiter is a semicolon ( ; ), but can be changed to another character of your choosing such as a pipe symbol (|) which will create a line break in Artstor.
  4. Click, hold, and drag the work record field to the correlating item field to map a field.FieldMapping2
  5. You can optionally set a condition for mapped fields. For example, if the agent role is set to patron then the metadata will populate the mapped item record field. This example condition is demonstrated in the image below, but there are many variations on conditions you can set. Conditions can be edited or removed.Condition
  6. After you are done making changes to the map, select Save or Save and Close.

To unmap a field:

  1. Under the Fields tab, select View/Edit work record map.
  2. Click the x to the right of the mapped item fields you want to unmap. Select Save and Close.
  3. Switch the item fields you unmapped under the Fields tab to No under the Map to work record column. Do not perform this step before completing the previous step because your work map will break and cause errors when cataloging. To fix these errors, switch these fields back to Yes and then perform the previous step before switching these to No under the Map to work record column.

Download the Work to Item Map to Excel

The work to item map can be downloaded to Excel where you can make changes and import the updated map. To download or import the map, select Tools in the bottom left corner when viewing the map.

Export to Excel