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As with deleting anything, deleting works can be quite impactful to a project. You want to be certain of the works you are selecting before deleting it, and aware of the changes that will propagate across item records once a linked work has been deleted.

When deleting a work, remember these important factors:

  • only one work record can be deleted at a time
  • the action can only be performed from the Search Works page
  • the work cannot be restored
  • any data values propagated to linked item records will remain in the items
  • any data values propagated to related works will be removed from the linked works

To delete a work:

  1. Open the Search Works page by performing a search from the Options menu of the item panel. Perform a search query or filter for the work you intend to delete.
  2. Click to select the work from the list of results.
  3. Right-click and select Delete Work Record.
  4. A confirmation message will appear on the screen, indicating the number of item record(s), related work record(s) and the number of project(s) impacted by the deletion along with a time estimate for the delete action to be completed.  Select Continue.
  5. If the work record to be deleted is not linked to any item records or related work records, a confirmation message will appear on the screen after the work was deleted.
  6. If any item records need editing to remove the propagated data from the original work, these must be sought and edited directly from the project.Delete work record.