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Link Items to a Work
Sequence Linked Items and Publish as a Cluster
View Sequenced Clusters in the Artstor Workspace or Shared Shelf Commons
Unlink Items from a Work

This article focuses on relational projects, but for more information about using compound objects with flat projects, see Compound Objects for Standard Projects.

For work-enabled projects, multiple items can be linked to a work. The items can then be sequenced and published as a cluster to display in order in Artstor. For information on how to enable a work project, contact To enable clustering of sequenced Items, this starts with managing the target in the Admin Tools.

When you link a work to an item, any work fields that are represented on the Cataloging Screen will be linked to the data from the work. There can be additional fields on the Cataloging Screen, unique to that item, that are not represented in the work and those fields are not affected or altered by a linked work. The linked field data is stored only in the work so removing any links from an item, and deleting or editing any display data that was populated by a linked work, will not alter the work itself. In order to affect the work, you would need to be viewing the work in edit mode. Any changes made to a work will affect all linked items across your project and across all of your collections at your institution.

Link Items to a Work

For work-enabled projects, multiple items can be linked to a work. Linked items will pull specific display information from the work record and can be sequenced in a specific order that the end user will see if published as a cluster.

  1. Open at least one item. You can link multiple items simultaneously to a work by bulk editing multiple items.
  2. Select Add Work Record. This will open a new browser tab.
  3. Search for an existing work or create a new work.
  4. You can link to the items from either the list of search results or from an individual work.
    • To link from the list of search results, hover over the link icon for the selected work, then select Link & Overwrite. You will be taken back to your items.
    • To link from an individual work, view the Work, select the Link button on the right, and then Link & Overwrite. You will be taken back to your items.
  5. The item fields mapped to the work will be populated with metadata contained in the work. Save or Save & Close the items you linked to the work.Link item to work record.

Sequence Linked Items and Publish as a Cluster

After you link items to a work, you can then sequence them and select a Lead Item. If your publishing target has enabled clustering support, then this sequence will display to the end user when viewing the cluster in Artstor.

  1. Open at least one item linked to a work.
  2. Select View/Edit Work Record. The work record will open in a new tab.
  3. Select Related Items to review the current sequence and see which item is set as the Lead Item.
  4. Select the Edit button to alter the sequence and change the Lead Item.
  5. Enter the sequence number. The work form is dynamic so as you enter a new sequence number, the item will change in the list of related items.
  6. Select the radio button to establish the Lead Item. The Lead Item appears first in Artstor for this sequence of records.
  7. After making your sequencing changes, select Save or Save & Close. You will be asked to propagate these changes to all linked items. Select Yes.
  8. Republish the linked items so end users can view the updated sequence and Lead Item.Sequence items related to a work.


View Sequenced Clusters in Artstor

  1. Navigate to the desired record in Artstor. Sequenced records will show the stacked “related media” icon under the image thumbnail in the lower left corner.
  2. Click on the related media icon to display sequenced records.View clustered items in Artstor.

To manage where these records are viewed in the end user environment, see our article Working With Publishing Targets.

Unlink Items from a Work

  1. Edit the items you want to unlink from the work record.
  2. To the right of the linked work information, select Unlink.
  3. Select Save or Save & Close.
  4. Republish the items that were unlinked from the work so the end user sees these changes.