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The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is a national digital library that brings together thumbnail images and metadata from the digital collections of libraries, museums and archives around the country into a single, freely available, searchable website. Artstor facilitates sharing Public Collections with DPLA. If an institution chooses to share its public content with DPLA, Artstor creates a publicly-accessible landing page containing a large thumbnail version of each image, the full metadata record associated with that image, a link to the institution’s designated webpage, a copy of the institution’s logo, and a link to the high-resolution version of the image.

If you are interested in sharing your content with the DPLA in the form of thumbnails and metadata as described above, and have the authority to agree to the following terms on behalf of your institution, you may do so via the following procedure:

  1. Email, with the subject title “Contribution to DPLA”.
  2. In the body of the email, please include the following:
    • Your institution’s full legal name
    • A list of the Public Collections you seek to contribute to the DPLA
    • An attached copy of your institution’s logo
    • The URL that the logo should resolve to from the Artstor landing page (the logo will be linked to whatever URL you choose – your library home page, a particular site for the collection of the object, or the SSC collection URL.)
    • Cut and pasted the following text:

I agree on behalf of my institution to contribute thumbnail images and data for the collections listed above to the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), and grant Artstor permission to map this data to Dublin Core and share the mapped data and thumbnail images with the DPLA. I also grant the DPLA a non-exclusive, royalty-free, and free-of-charge license to make the Dublin Core-mapped data available to general public under a Creative Commons Zero Public Domain Dedication ( and the thumbnail images available to the general public under the license terms specified in the “rights” field of the data. I further grant Artstor a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, and free-of- charge license to reproduce, distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, adapt, modify or make derivative works of large thumbnail images (up to 400 pixels on the long side) and the full metadata record associated with the image in order to make such content available to the general public on an Artstor-landing page. I also give Artstor permission to incorporate onto the Artstor landing page a link to my institution’s webpage, a copy of my institution’s logo and a link to the high resolution version of our image. I understand that Artstor acts solely as an Online Service Provider, under 17 US.C. Section 512, in connection with the DPLA and does not select, screen or conduct copyright clearances on any content contributed to the DPLA or made available on an Artstor landing page. I represent and warrant that I have authority on behalf of my institution to grant to the DPLA and Artstor the above permissions.

Upon receiving your email, your Implementation Manager will reach out to you to confirm the collection set-up. DPLA currently harvests these collections on a monthly basis (though this is subject to change, based on DPLA’s schedule). We will add your content to the next harvest cycle.


Q: If I make updates to my collections or delete content, will those updates/deletions be reflected in DPLA?

A: Yes, your published content will be updated or removed from DPLA in the next harvesting cycle. DPLA currently harvests content monthly.