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To consolidate lists:

  1. Prepare Lists for Consolidation – Decide which list you want to use going forward. For example, if you have two subject lists, Campus Museum: Local Subjects (List B) and Visual Resources Collection: Local Subjects (List A), decide which to use. For this example, we will keep List A and consolidate List B terms into List A.
  2. Reconfigure Project Fields Connected to Lists – In Forum Admin, select your project then select the Fields tab. Select the field that uses List B, then select Edit Field.
  3. In the popup window, use the List Selection dropdown to select the list you want to use. In this example, replace List B with List A.
  4. Save your changes.
  5. If List B is connected to multiple fields, you will need to repeat these steps for each field you wish to disconnect from List B and connect to List A.
  6. Import Values to the Reconfigured List Field – As long as the terms exist in the newly connected List A, then you can proceed with the steps detailed in Change a Field Type For a Field with Existing Data Using Excel to re-import your preserved data.
  7. Clean Up Unused Lists – Optional Step: If you wish to delete the lists you are no longer using, you can delete them following the instructions detailed in Delete List. If you do not want to delete the lists, you might consider removing permissions to the list so that your catalogers do not continue to add terms to this list. See Permission Users to List for more information about managing list permissions. You can also optionally rename any of the lists you consolidated.