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About Lists

To support best practices in cataloging and improve the interoperability of the data across platforms, the system includes 44 controlled lists. These lists are integrated in the work and name record forms.

They are also available to be linked to any other field in your project. Terms can be added to these lists to be managed and used locally.

The terms included in these lists were compiled from VRA Core Type list , CONA’s editorial documents, ISO standards, and Artstor’s standards. Local terms can be added to these lists while cataloging in the work Form. They can also be added (singly or in bulk) in the Lists tab (for users with permission) in the Forum.

What are they?

All community lists begin with “Shared Shelf” with the following two exceptions: “Artstor Classification” and “Artstor Country”.

Artstor Classification and Artstor Country

Put together and maintained by Artstor, these lists function as a part of Artstor Digital Library’s browsing structure. In order to use the faceted search functionality in Artstor, you should include these values with all records that are published to Institutional or Public Collections.

Work Record Lists

37 of the 44 lists provided are linked to fields in the work record form. Please note, in five of the lists no terms are provided, though you can add local terms. For example, the “materials” work record field is linked to AAT as well as the “Shared Shelf Materials” list. Though we do not provide materials values in this list, you can search AAT. If you cannot find a term in AAT, you can add it as a local term to the “Shared Shelf Materials” list. The local terms added to this list can be accessed again in the future within the “materials” field in the work record as well as in all project and fields to which it has been linked.

Name Record Lists

Five of the 44 lists are linked to fields in the name record form, which provides users the opportunity to create a name record with data that is comparable to a ULAN record. The lists for roles, events, and other important elements necessary to create a comprehensive name record are available.

Download Lists at a Glance – a comprehensive document with list names, the record(s) to which they are associated, the field groups to which they are associated, and some sample terms from each list.