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Published Display of Rights
Adding Collection Rights Statement

You can include item level and collection level rights statements for your items. These rights statements display to the end user above the Artstor rights statement that is included in the metadata of every published Forum item. For more information about copyright and fair use, please visit our References for Best Practices. Information about Artstor’s Intellectual Property policy can be found here.

Published Display of Rights

There are three levels of rights statement that can display to the end user – item level, collection level, and an Artstor rights statement.

  1. Item Rights Statement – If you need to add rights information for individual items, this can be done by adding this information to a Rights field in your project. For information on adding a Rights field, see Manage Project Fields. If an item includes item level rights information, this will display first to the end user in the published Rights field.
  2. Collection Rights Statement – If you have a rights statement that should apply to every item in your collection, you can set a collection rights statement in the Admin Tools. This will display after an item-level rights statement if one is included. If there is no rights information for an individual item, then the collection rights statement will be seen first by the end user in the published Rights field. See Add Collection Rights Statement to learn how to add or update your Collection Rights Statement.
  3. Artstor Rights Statement – Every published item will include this Artstor Rights Statement:

This image has been selected and made available by a user using Artstor’s software tools. Artstor has not screened or selected this image or cleared any rights to it and is acting as an online service provider pursuant to 17 U.S.C. §512. Artstor disclaims any liability associated with the use of this image. Should you have any legal objection to the use of this image, please visit for contact information and instructions on how to proceed.

Adding Collection Rights Statement

To add a Collection Rights Statement:

  1. Log into the Admin Tools and follow the steps to edit a publishing target. Note: A rights statement cannot be added to an Omeka API publishing target, but this can be configured in Omeka admin.
  2. In the edit target window, copy and paste your rights statement or type it manually. If you have multiple statements to apply to the collection, use a hard return to create line breaks in the text. Save your changes.

Optional – If you previously published items to the edited target, you will need to republish the items in order for your updated Collection Rights Statement to be included. See Filter Based on Publishing Activity to learn how to quickly locate and republish items.