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When cataloging, you may find it necessary from time to time to enter a URL (also referred to as a hyperlink or a clickable link) in your data for the convenience of your end-users in the published environment. For example, it may be useful for your data record to contain a clickable link to your library catalog, an object’s repository, or perhaps to the source of some of your cataloging information. It is possible to enter a URL that is active in a published item under the following conditions:

  • The URL must be in a text or text area field by itself, without any other data.
  • The field where you enter the URL does not need to be a default field, but it must be mapped to a default field in the publishing target mapping in the Admin Tools.
  • You may map this field to a default Artstor field where other fields are mapped.

Hyperlink screenshot 1

Hyperlink screenshot 2

Hyperlink screenshot 3

If you use prepends (also called prefixes) when mapping your target fields, the URL will be visible but not clickable:

Hyperlink screenshot 4