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The Archivision Research Library is a collection of 100,000+ images that document the built environment in a range of fields such as architecture and urban design. There are over ten modules which can be licensed to own in perpetuity.

Many subscribers manage and deliver their Archivision modules using Forum. Because Forum is web-based, it’s easy for users to manage their own Archivision content rather than relying on a third party hosting service.

Forum includes a custom Archivision project template that is compatible with the data spreadsheet that accompanies each Archivision module.

How it works

To import an Archivision module, you’ll create a new Forum project using the Archivision project template and populate that project with your Archivision data and images.

To import data, you will use Forum’s Excel import/export functionality. This allows you to create a spreadsheet template into which you will copy the data from your Archivision spreadsheet. The data values in Archivision metadata can be formatted so that links to integrated Getty vocabularies (AAT, TGN & ULAN) are preserved in the import process.

When the metadata has been imported, the corresponding images can be uploaded into the project where they will automatically match up to the correct data record.

View our downloadable handout illustrating these steps

To publish, Archivision projects can be shared as Institutional Collections in Artstor, allowing students and faculty to conveniently discover and use Archivision content alongside Artstor Digital Library, public collection, and other institutional collection content to which they may have access.