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The Administrative Tools are the building tools for creating projects and managing the structures of existing projects. In the Admin Tools, institutional administrators may define the metadata schemas by using available templates or building fields from scratch. Cataloging screens are required to view the fields and manage data within the Cataloging Tools, and permissions must be established in the Admin Tools to access the project and define cataloging workflows. Administrators can also configure the publishing targets for a project, with a selection of target types available to meet your collection’s accessibility and sharing needs.

Some administrative tasks may require the assistance of our support team.

Please see the list below to verify which features require implementation assistance:


A method of relational cataloging, Works must be enabled by the our support team. Please contact to learn more about works.

Cataloging Tools:

Admin Tools:

Artstor Admin:

Project Usage and Reporting

Administrators have the ability to generate local reports of their projects through the new Statistics tab in the Admin Tools. There are two subtabs under the Statistics tab – Project and Storage. The Project subtab indicates the total item count and the total media files count per project. The Storage subtab provides an overview of total media storage in megabytes (MB) used per project and detailed information for each project. The details report is organized by months, and tracks the following information:

  • Data-only items
  • Items with Media
  • Storage (MB)
  • Total Items


You can filter on a date range and by project in the Details tab.  You can also download the reports to Excel.


To generate the storage report:

  1. Log into the Admin Tools.
  2. Click on the Statistics Tab.
  3. Choose the Storage subtab.
  4. In the Details tab you can filter on a date range and/or by project.  
  5. Click on the Show button to view the report and the Download button to export the report into Excel.


Institutional Collection in Artstor Collection Report

If you would like a report on monthly total accesses per collection, please contact Access definitions include:

  • downloads
  • views
  • saves to an image group
  • metadata views

We can also generate a report showing which collection images have been added to user image groups. Contact to learn more.