Administrative Tools

About the Administrative Tools

The Administrative Tools are the building tools for creating projects and managing the structures of existing projects. In the Admin Tools, institutional administrators may define the metadata schemas by using available templates or building fields from scratch. Cataloging screens are required to view the fields and manage data within the Cataloging Tools, and permissions must […]

Manage User Access

On this page… User Roles User Scenarios Provision a New User Edit User Permissions Base Filters Delete Users User Roles Administrators can manage user access to projects using the Forum Admin Tools by assigning a new user as either a project Administrator or as a Cataloger. Administrators can review and delete all records in a […]

Create, Copy, Rename, and Delete Projects

On this page… Project Templates Create New Project Copy Existing Project Rename Project Delete Project Project Templates The Admin Tools offer project templates as a way to start your project with a guideline. Project templates consist of pre-built metadata schemas, meaning the field labels are created, the field types designated, description text added, and the […]

Manage Project Fields

On this page… Set Up Project Fields Add, Edit, or Delete Fields Set Up Project Fields Text and Text Area Fields | Number Fields | Alphanumeric Fields | Date Fields | List Fields | Linked Fields | Linked Work Fields | Boolean (Checkbox) Fields | Artstor-Specific Fields | Default Values | Description | Position Number […]

Manage Cataloging Screens

On this page… Create Cataloging Screens Change Field Labels in Cataloging Screens Create Read-Only Access Using Cataloging Screens Delete Cataloging Screens Create Cataloging Screens Cataloging screens are used as the visual element to seeing and editing your metadata. While catalogers can see the metadata for records in the asset panel, the cataloging screen is required […]

Manage Publishing Targets

On this page… Publishing Target Types Create an Institutional Collection or Public Collection in Artstor Target Personal Collection in Artstor Target Edit Publishing Targets Remove Publishing Targets Publishing Target Types In Admin Tools, you can create new or select existing publishing targets to make available for publishing records in each of your projects. Project administrators […]

Map Fields to Targets

On this page… About Mapping Fields Manage Mappings Map Artstor Facets About Mapping Fields When building a project, the custom fields that you can create in the project for cataloging do not directly correlate to the fields visible after publishing. After the publishing target is created, you When building a project, the custom fields that you […]

Manage Omeka Targets

On this page… Create an Omeka Plugin Target Create an Omeka API (Beta) Target Omeka Element Sets Omeka Item Types Manage Omeka Field Mapping Further Resources Institutions using Forum can create a publishing target for an Omeka collection website. You can create an Omeka API target using a metadata schema of your choice to publish […]

Contribute to the Digital Public Library of America

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is a national digital library that brings together thumbnail images and metadata from the digital collections of libraries, museums and archives around the country into a single, freely available, searchable website. Artstor facilitates sharing Public Collections with DPLA. If an institution chooses to share its public content with […]

Collection Rights Statements

On this page… Published Display of Rights Adding Collection Rights Statement You can include item level and collection level rights statements for your items. These rights statements display to the end user above the Artstor rights statement that is included in the metadata of every published Forum item. For more information about copyright and fair […]

OAI Targets for Discovery Vendors

On this page… About OAI Targets Manage OAI Field Mapping If your institution utilizes a web scale discovery or federated search system, we encourage you to expose your content using an OAI publishing target. About OAI Targets The OAI publishing target exposes your content on our OAI server, which the discovery vendor may query for […]

Statistics and Reports

On this page… Projects Storage Institution Overview Cataloger Activity No Media Downloaded Reports There are several reports available under the Statistics tab of the Administrative Tools. These reports include information about the growth of your institution’s projects over time, cataloger activity, and publishing. These can be viewed within the Statistics tab or downloaded to Excel. […]

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