Use Lists in Works

You can add a main term to a Community List through the work record. If the list contains multiple fields, to add to any of the additional list fields, you will need to open the term in the Lists tab and add the additional information there. To add a term to a Community List in […]

Community Lists

About Lists To support best practices in cataloging and improve the interoperability of the data across platforms, the system includes 44 controlled lists. These lists are integrated in the work and name record forms. They are also available to be linked to any other field in your project. Terms can be added to these lists […]

Manage Lists

On this page… Create List Permission Users to List Add List to a New Field Add List to an Existing Field Rename List Delete List Administrators can create lists of terms to assist catalogers in creating data that is granular and controlled. Lists can be simple single-field lists of terms or they can have multiple […]

Catalog with List Terms

On this page… Catalog with List Terms Add or Edit List Terms Add or Edit List Terms with Excel Unlink and Delete List Terms Catalog with List Terms Once a list is connected to either a list field or linked field, terms from the list can be selected from the list and added to your […]

Consolidate Lists

To consolidate lists: Prepare Lists for Consolidation –¬†Decide which list you want to use going forward. For example, if you have two subject lists, Campus Museum: Local Subjects (List B) and Visual Resources Collection: Local Subjects (List A), decide which to use. For this example, we will keep List A and consolidate List B terms […]

Propagation Monitor

The Propagation Monitor displays the propagation status when updating works, names, or list terms that are linked to items. You can access the Propagation Monitor by selecting Activity Monitors then selecting the Propagation Monitor tab. The Propagation Monitor displays the username that performed the update, date of update, propagation status, updated term ID, term type, […]

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