Names & Getty Vocabularies


On this page… About Names Understanding the Name Form Navigating the Name Form How the Name Form Field Types Function About Names Getty’s Union List of Artist Names+ (also called Shared Shelf Names) comprises all name records from your institution, the Getty ULAN®, and promoted name records from other Forum users. A name record is […]

Search, View, and Create Names

On this page… Simple Search Name Advanced Search Name View Name Create Name Edit Name Promote Name Link Name Unlink Name Simple Search Name To perform a simple search for a name: When viewing an item, click the consult icon in the Creator (or other linked) field. Enter the name of a person or corporate […]

Names: Field descriptions

Fields in the Name Form Entity This indicates the type of creator involved in the production of the work. (Getty) Fields Person: Name of an individual. Corporate Body: The term represents two or more people who worked together collectively. Examples are an architectural firm, porcelain manufactory, painters’ workshop, museum or other arts institution. Names This […]

About the Getty Vocabularies

Getty ULAN The Getty ULAN (Union List of Artist Names) is a structured vocabulary that includes names and associated information about artists. Artists may be either be individuals or groups of individuals working together (corporate bodies). Artists in the ULAN generally represent creators involved in the conception or production of visual arts and architecture. When […]

View and Link Getty AAT and TGN Terms

On this page… Link AAT and TGN Terms Unlink AAT and TGN Terms View AAT and TGN Terms Link AAT and TGN Terms To link to an AAT or TGN term: Select the consult icon in the field. Perform a search for your term. You can sort your results alphabetically or by relevance. Hover over […]

Propagation Monitor

The Propagation Monitor displays the propagation status when updating works, names, or list terms that are linked to items. You can access the Propagation Monitor by selecting Activity Monitors then selecting the Propagation Monitor tab. The Propagation Monitor displays the username that performed the update, date of update, propagation status, updated term ID, term type, […]

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