Excel Data

Excel and Forum

On this page… About Using Excel Generate an Excel Template Export All About Using Excel Forum allow importing Excel spreadsheets to create new or edit existing records. If you include your media filenames in your Excel imports, then you can easily upload and sync your media files with the related data. These features can be […]

Create, Edit, and Delete Data Using Excel

On this page… Create New Records with Excel Export and Edit Data in Excel Export and Delete Data in Excel Excel Error Reporting Create New Records with Excel Creating new records using Excel can be an efficient way to migrate from a previous system, or manage workflows in an offline capacity. Since this process recommends […]

Excel and Specific Field Types

On this page… Excel and Linked Fields Excel and List Fields Excel and Boolean Checkbox Fields Excel and Linked Work Fields Importing Values with Decimals You can use an Excel spreadsheet to update existing items or to add new items to your project. The first step in this process is to generate the Excel template […]

Change a Field Type for a Field with Existing Data Using Excel

Any time you try to change a field type or delete a field in which the field contains existing data in the project, you will receive this error message. In order to prevent the error, you need to clear the data from the field you want to change, but only after preserving your original data. […]

Move Data from Project to Project Using Excel

On this page… Create New Project Template in Excel Export Data from Previous Project Import Data to New Project Download Media Files (Optional) On-going maintenance of projects may sometimes lead to shifting content between projects to fulfill a specific need. The following steps can be used to achieve the movement of content within the system […]

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