Create & Manage Records

Cataloging Tools Orientation

On this page… Navigate the Project Tab Adjust Column Views Search or Sort Records Navigate the Edit Tab About the Cataloging¬†Screen Navigate the Project Tab The home screen in the Cataloging Tools is the Project Tab. Here you will find: (A) Project panel: a list of all the projects that your account has access. (B) […]

Field Types

On this page… Types of Fields and Suggested Use Artstor-Specific Fields Auto-Generated Fields Default Values Read-Only Fields Required Fields Special Characters Character Limits Types of Fields and Suggested Use Text/Text Area Fields | Number Fields | Alphanumeric Fields | Date Fields| List Fields | Linked Fields | Checkboxes Text/Text Area Fields Text and Text Area […]

Catalog Records

On this page… Create a Blank Record Catalog Data in a Single Record Catalog Data in Multiple Records Clear Data in Multiple Records Edit All Create a Blank Record You can create single or multiple blank records from the asset panel in your project. To begin: In the upper right corner, use the gear menu […]

Master Records

On this page… Set a Master Record Paste from a Master Record View the Master Record Master Records allow you to choose a cataloged record to use for creating copies in other selected records. Setting and cataloging with a Master Record allows you to easily copy all field data from one record to one or […]

Sets and Filters

On this page… Sets Filters A Set is a subset of records grouped together that you manage manually. Think of a set as a folder, into which you can add or remove records. Use a set to quickly view records that you need to apply cataloging changes to, view publishing status of, load new media […]

Suppress and Delete Records

There are a few ways you can delete records in your project. You can delete a single record, delete a batch of records, or you can simply suppress the record or records from the published environment. Suppressed records remain in your project but are not viewable by end-users. Deleted records are completely removed from your […]

Google Image Search

When cataloging a record that has an uploaded image file, you can use the Google Image Search function to find more information about that image, or to verify that the image matches the data you are cataloging. Other uses may include finding a different view of the place or object, or obtaining a better resolution […]

Compound Objects for Flat Projects

On this page… Enable Compound Object Project Create Compound Objects Sequence Related Objects Delete or Replace Individual Objects from Compound Object Download Individual Objects or Retrieve Media URL Compound objects are supported for both flat and relational projects. This article focuses on flat projects, but for more information about using compound objects with works, see […]

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